Update post

De laatste post is alweer even geleden, dus is het tijd voor een update post zodat jullie kunnen zien waar ik de afgelopen maanden aan werkte!

aprentice spalted beech 02
Pen van berk met slaap

Baron fountainpen padouk 03
Padouk fountain pen

Baron fountainpen sugar maple 04
Sugar maple Baron fountain

Baron foutainpen buckeye burl 02
Bukeye burl Baron fountain pen

Baron pennen set ebbenhout 04
Ebony Baron pen

baron vulpen mura puranga 05
Mura Puranga Baron fountain pen

Kroontjes pen padouk 2 01
Padouk dip pen

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Yew baron fountain pen

A new fountain pen, this time made of yew.

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Laburnum and bullets

An elegant fancy gold laburnum pen.

And a bulletpen made of Cocobolo wood. I used as different finish while making this pen. Normally I’ll sand the pen with 600 grid and apply a coat of super glue before polishing it up to 12000 grid. After that I’ll normally apply two coats of friction wax.

With this pen I stopped halfway through the polishing and applied another coat of super glue. After that I applied yet another coat of super glue before sanding up to 12000 grid. To finish the polishing I choose Hut Plastic Polish Ultra Gloss in stead of friction wax. This causes a high gloss on the pen. It was the first time I’ve used this new technique. I will make another pen using this same technique which I will use myself to test the gloss and how long it will stay glossy. The oil in our hands causes the pens to get dull over time, so I hope that this new technique will help overcome this.

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Oak fountain pen in a box

Last month it was my daughters birthday and she really wanted me to give her a fountain pen. So I made her an oakwood burl fountain pen. The lines in the wood are amazing and give the pen that little bit of extra.

I also made a box made of purple heart and oak, to go with the pen. The pen fits the box perfectly and it’s much more of a gift to give it like this.

My daughter tried it out right away and she says it writes amazing. It flows great on the paper while writing and it feels good in her hand.

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New pens

The new pens made this week. Both pens were commissions.

A red fancy gold acrylic pen.

And a baron fountain pen made of laburnum.

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After making the first part of the handle for the espressomachine, I wasn’t done yet. I also had to make knobs to go on the handles of the machine.

For the knobs I also made a template with a bolt in it. In the wood that was going to be the knobs I screwed a nut.

After that I made the template and placed the bolt in the wood. Now it was time to start turning.

A few photo’s during the turning process.

And the final result.

I had some wood left, so I made a matching pen for the customers, just a little present.

Luckily they send me photo’s of what their espresso machine looks like now with the wood handles and knobs. They are very happy with the result and let’s be honest. This looks a lot better then the previous plastic handles did.

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I got the request if I wanted to make a wooden handle for an espresso machine. They people in question wanted a dark wood and Iron wood was the first one that came to mind. Eventually I picked out Curaçao de Negro. I found it at the timber in Akkrum and it’s much harder then Iron wood. It also has a very deep and rich dark colour which will darken over the years.

The second challenge was to got the original handle of the cupholder. I put it in hot water and used an allen to screw it loose. I used the right size bolt (m12), but had to cut it. After that I drilled a hole in the wood and made it fit the cupholder.

After that I made a template with the right diameter to use on the lathe (the white piece of wood on the photo) and screwed the wood on top of it. After that I made the first trial handle.

This one was slightly of centre, but that didn’t matter. I knew now that my method was working.

This is what the second handle looks like. It fits perfectly and it’s centred.

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New rollerball pens

The recently mentioned baron-pens are also available as rollerball pen. The one below is made of laburnum.

I also had an order of a chestnut wooden pen. This wood is very light, which gives it a elegant look.

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Oak wood burl bowl

I thought it was time to make another bowl. This one is made of oak wood burl. I find the lines in this wood exceptionally beautiful. You never know what you’re going to end up with.

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New fountain-pens

As of recently I have new fountain-pens in stock: the baron fountain pen. This pen is slightly different then the one I used the have on stock. Unfortunately those are no longer available.

The baron fountain-pen is made of laburnum.

And this baron fountain-pen is made of oak wood burl.

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